Transition Network conference 2012 previews (gepost op 4 september 2012)

No:1 – Shane Hughes on the REconomy Day

No:2 – Introducing some leading social innovators

No:3 – Sophy Banks on ‘How to make happy, healthy human culture’

No:4 – Jon Walker on ‘Turning local food initiatives into social enterprises’

No:5 – Naresh Giangrande on running two workshops (not at the same time)

No:6 – Isabel Carlisle on ‘Which future do we want?’, the Youth Symposium

No:7 – Chris Vernon on ‘Is Peak Oil Dead?’

No:8 – Peter Capener on ‘Power to the People’

No:9 – Paul Birch on ‘Standing up to Speak’

No:10 – Ruth Ben-Tovim on creating a new economy for Transition Town Anywhere

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