Transition Network UK Conference 2012 (gepost op 16 augustus 2012)

Transition Network conference 2012

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Transition Network conference 2011 - Full round up of materials

Workshop and theme group and hot topic write ups:

Opening session recording and photos
Role of facilitation in Transition
Healthcare theme group
Leadership hot topic
Introducing the ingredients of Transition
To do or to be hot topic
Engaging town and district councils workshop
Being done hot topic
Report on the visit to the Granby Triangle
What is success and failure hot topic
Scaling up hot topic
Enterprise and business and social enterprise workshop
Economics, business and social enterprise workshop
Evaluation workshop notes


Mike Grenville’s ‘going round in circles’ blog with his favourite photos
Mike Grenville’s conference photos on Flickr
Flip chart sheets from the big group enquiry on our static site
See all of Chris’ and Mike’s photos on our static site

Videos, workshop e.a. vind  je in het orginele bericht orgineel bericht

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